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Mar 22, 2018

This week, in the midst of chaos in the Austin area, I sit down with Matthias Roberts to talk about the nuanced application of self-care. 

Find Matthias here!

Matthias Roberts is a writer, speaker, and host of Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being. His work has been featured in HuffPost Religion, Believe Out Loud, OnFaith, and The Oregonian. He holds an MA in Theology and Culture and is currently finishing his second master’s in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Matthias's spare time is spent wandering the streets of Seattle ever in search of new coffee shops.

If you're in the Austin area and need a little more support moving through the craziness of the past month, please send me an email or check out the resources provided by the YWCA.

As always, you can find more about me, here!